Springel & Fink trial attorneys Adam Springel and Michael Merritt represent utility company in trial against the Luxor and Mandalay Resort Group and prevail with unanimous jury verdict

Utility company that settles personal injury claim for $300,000 obtains complete reimbursement from co-defendant after six-day jury trial.

Throughout the case, the Luxor and Mandalay Resort Group denied liability. Knowing a large verdict was a significant risk, the utility company negotiated a favorable $300,000  settlement with Plaintiffs and concurrently issued a $199,000 Offer of Judgment to its co-defendants. After the Offer of Judgment was rejected, the case proceeded to a six-day jury trial. In less than two hours, the unanimous jury returned with a verdict that the Luxor and Mandalay Resort Group were actively negligent, thereby shifting the entire $300,000 loss from the utility company to the Luxor and Mandalay Resort Group plus likely attorney’s fees and costs from beating the pre-trial Offer of Judgment. The case was later settled during post-trial motions for $585,000.

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