Clark County District Court Case No. A557865

Springel & Fink trial attorney Michael Merritt obtains a $59,000 jury verdict in an admitted liability spinal fusion case with a $4.2 million prayer for damages

In 2007, Plaintiff and Defendant were involved in a rear-end collision motor vehicle accident. Plaintiff sued alleging 5-years of treatment that included spinal fusion surgery allegedly resulting from the accident. Total medical expenses were $616,000. During the course of the lawsuit, Defendant admitted liability for the accident, thereby limiting the trial to causation and damage issues. During trial, Plaintiff asked the jury for a total of $4.2 million in past and future special and general damages. Springel & Fink trial attorney Michael Merritt’s successfully argued the client’s case, which led to a final jury verdict of $59,000 for past medical expenses. No future medical expenses were awarded. No past or future general damages were awarded. To learn more about this case, or the strategies successfully implemented, please contact Michael Merritt.