Clark County – Binding Arbitration

Springel & Fink trial attorneys Adam Springel and Jennifer Fornetti obtain a $101,700 binding arbitration award in $12 million construction defect claim and $6 million underfunded association reserve claim

Plaintiff homeowners association sued Defendant condominium converter for $12 million in construction defects plus $6 million in alleged underfunded association reserves.  Trial attorneys Adam Springel and Jennifer Fornetti successfully compelled the case to arbitration after extensive law and motion practice.  In arbitration, trial counsel proceeded to defeat all but a few de minimus construction defect claims on statute of repose and statute of limitations grounds.  Plaintiff then chose to pursue a $6 million underfunded Association reserve claim.  After a lengthy binding arbitration, and a $94,700 admission of liability during the arbitration, Plaintiff obtained an award of $101,700.  To learn more about this case, or the strategies successfully implemented, please contact Adam Springel or Jennifer Fornetti.